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VIDEO REVIEW: Woodstock Homestay in Gili Trawangan

In true MISSADVENTURES fashion, when the girls and I set out to Bali, we went with nowhere to stay. I have heard all kinds of negative comments to this method of “lazy” travelling. But in all my years (25 to be exact) this method has been 99.9 percent successful. This is just another example of how:

 It was sunset in Kuta, Bali and it went down like this.

 Me: Hey you stranger. Have you been to the Gili Islands off of Bali?

 Stranger: Yah actually I was just there.

 Me: Sweet, where did you stay there?

 Stranger: At this amazing place called Woodstock, you should go there.

And so friends this is where our story begins. It took 3 minutes with a complete stranger to get one of the greatest recommendations in my entire life. You see, Gili Trawangan is a tiny island off the coast of Bali. You could walk to entire thing in about 15 minutes. If that still doesn’t paint a picture for you, when I wrote the name down on Microsoft word it highlighted it saying it doesn’t exist. I mean it’s THAT small.  We arrived there, and pushed past the barrage of homestay owners trying to win us over, and decided we should first check out this one we were recommended. Boy, was that a good idea.  A short walk inland and we arrived in paradise.

Opening the gates, I was instantly at peace. It looked like something a stoner on a really intense trip would imagine, and then realize hours later it doesn’t actually exist. Except, this IS for real.  I instantly wanted to downward-facing dog my way around the whole resort and never ever leave.

We were taken to our accommodation, which was a tree house for adults. Impeccably clean, and just the right amount of island paradise. There is actually not a single imperfect thing about this place.  In fact, writing this review right now is making me want to pack up my bags and book the next flight to Gili.

My parting words for you travellers out there. DO NOT get too excited and order enough fruit juice to fill a small pond, because it isn’t free other than at breakfast. As well, DO NOT listen to anyone saying that it is far away. A 2 minute walk gets you to beach and the main street, and it’s just far enough to enjoy some true serenity.

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