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What’s in Hannah’s Carry On?

 Other than my passport and wallet here are the other things that I must have in my carry on.

1. Snacks for the flight-I seem to have some weird irrational fear of being really hungry on a flight and not able to get food. So in the snack department I kind of go a little bit overboard. I make sure to pack salty treats like an entire bag of chips. And of course something sweet in case I want something sweet and need it stat. This may range from a selection of delicious gummies or some chocolate (I know I need help).

2. Kobo e-reader- Especially for a long flight sometimes you just get sick of watching movies and want a change. An e reader is perfect because you can have a large assortment of books in a tiny lightweight device.

3. Bose headphones- A purchase I made recently because I was sick of buying new ear buds. This headphones are amazing whether your plugging them in to watch an in flight movie or plugging them into an ipod.

4. Ipod-I am actually obsessed with music to the point I would choose to bring my ipod over snacks.

5. Scarf-Planes are freezing so I use it to stay warm or as a pillow case.

6. Neck pillow: If you don’t have a window seat this pillow is perfect whether for air, bus or train travel.

7. Chargers-I like to have all my chargers in my carry on in case my luggage is lost. No one wants to roam around a new city looking for a new camera charger.

8. Small makeup bag- I fill it with random things like hair ties, hand cream, make up that would otherwise be smashed if packed in my luggage, lip balm and over the counter medication such as advil and allergy medication. Sometimes the air conditioning on planes set my allergies off.

9. Travel toothbrush and toothpaste-Especially for overnight flights

10. Pen- It’s on my 10 list but it is something I tend to usually forget then I need to fill out an immigration form and I’m pen-less.

Things I want to add to my carry on:

A book light I hate using the overhead light especially when the person next to you in sleeping. Also healthier snack choices.

What are your carry on essentials?


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  1. Stephen S. says:

    I agree in flight snacks are a muxt on a international flight

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