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Travel Styling Tips with Diane Kroe

Packing is probably the most difficult thing for me to do when prepping for a trip. From a small 3 day trip to a 2 month trip, I can’t seem to get a handle on how to pack light. Sometimes I want to wear dresses when going out at night and other times I want to wear pants with a cute top. But how do you fit different outfits in a small carry-on bag or a backpack? The answer is Diane Kroe.

Diane Kroe is a women’s travel fashion designer who creates unique pieces that can transform your style from day to night and casual to dressy. For those who enjoy relaxing at resorts to those that like to be on the move living out of a backpack, she has at least one piece you will love!

We met up with Diane at the One of A Kind Christmas Show in Toronto where she helped me prep for my trip to Costa Rica. Watch this video to see how she converts 1 piece into many outfits.


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  1. Trust me after watching your video my wife became fan of your.
    Nice tips you have been shared.
    And from onwards she going to follow your tips only…

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