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Top Five Favourite Places: Hannah Edition

Someone asked me the other day what my favourite place in the world was. I was unable to name just one so I decided to list my top 5 places. I must point out that I love all 5 equally.

The first place I will share is old city Jerusalem, Israel.

Entering the old walls of the city I had no idea what to expect but what I saw was unbelievably amazing, interesting and beautiful. The old city is separated into 4 quarters the Muslim, Armenian, Christian and Jewish quarter. Each quarter has amazing bazaars you can wander through. Within the walls you will find the Dome of the Rock, Oskar Schindler’s grave, Western wall and probably the best hummus of your life.

Being a budget traveler we were able to come across a free tour of the old city with Sandeman’s new Europe tours (

I fell in love with the old city in the daytime but when I saw it again lit up at night I fell in love again. The old city is a trip I would highly recommend and I would definitely go back!

The second place I will share is Negril, Jamaica.

The beach in Negril is 7 miles of white sand heaven. It  has been voted one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and the world. Jamaica is a very mountainous country and Negril is specifically known for its black cliffs.  The one place in Negril that makes it so memorable is the Rick’s cafe ( Rick’s cafe is a bar/restaurant situated on the west cliffs. It is known for offering the best sunset view in Negril but it is most popular for its famous cliff divers. The cafe has professional divers,locals and tourists dive from the different levels of the cliff. The highest jump offered is 35 feet.

Negril is a popular destination but because of its small population the area has not been overly developed by large companies and isn’t rammed with tourists. This makes visitors feel like they have stumbled onto a travel secret as they look off into the sunset.

I highly recommend it, mon!

The third place I will share is the Montmartre district in Paris, France

The Montmartre area is the Paris I had dreamed about before I got the opportunity to visit. It is cobblestone streets, art and the most enchanting cafes.

The area is also home to the famous white domed basilica Sacré-Cœur. This basilica is located at the highest point in Paris and the view as cheesy as it sounds will take your breath away. Being at the highest point in Paris you are able to take in an entire view of the city of lights which is something to be both witnessed day and night.

There are many stairs you must climb in order to reach the top of the hill where the basilica is located. If stairs aren’t your thing there is a funicular that runs parallel to the stairs that can bring you up and down from the hill which can be paid for with a metro ticket.

In the summer months I highly suggest grabbing a bottle of wine and heading up to Sacre Couer to watch the sunset. After sunset shows are often put on the steps for your entertainment as you sip wine with locals and tourists alike.

The fourth place I will share is Central Park in New York City, New York.

I absolutely love the way Manhattan is set up. You have this huge, loud and bustling city and smack dab in the middle is an amazing park. I am not the only person who feels this way because the park has 25 million visitors a year making it the most visited urban park in the United States.

The park offers an escape from city life whether you’re sitting at the Bethesda fountain, visiting the zoo, having a picnic or taking a rowboat on the lake.

If it weren’t for all the places to shop in New York City I am sure I could walk for hours in Central Park. I make sure to visit the park no matter what season it is. For someone who hates winter I have gladly strolled through the park bundled up, but joyous.

Central Park is a huge reason why New York City is one of my favorite cities in the world.

My fifth and final place, last but definitely not least is Prague, Czech Republic.

The city is simply beautiful the architecture is amazing it is gothic and medieval at the same time. Walking up to Prague castle you almost feel as if you are in the 19thcentury. I know I have gone on and on about the views in my posts but once again the view from Prague castle is incredible!

While in Prague I was able to attend a pub-crawl called the Prague Underground ( this was the first pub-crawl I had ever attended. I have been to a few since then in different cities but nothing compared to the fun of this one. I absolutely recommend this pub-crawl if you are visiting Prague and want a night out on the town.

I have to mention my favorite place in Prague was the St. Charles Bridge. The bridge connects Prague castle with the old town over the Vltava river. In the daytime the bridge filled with buskers, artists, vendors and music.

Anyone who has seen the movie Euro Trip knows that the one thing you must try when visiting Prague is to take a shot of absinthe. I took a shot…. I don’t really remember what happened after that but the pictures looked like I had fun.

Safe travels.

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  1. Stephen S. says:

    I have to agree with New York Pragure, they are wonderful cities.

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