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Top 5 Jamaican Dishes

I recently traveled to Jamaica for a holiday. My parents are from the island so I have been to the country many times. The absolute best part of going to Jamaica apart from the beaches is the food!

I have a list of 5 items I have to eat in Jamaica EVERY time I go. If you plan on visiting Jamaica these foods are an absolute must!

1. Patty

It can’t be a patty from anywhere it MUST be Juici. Juici Patty is a restaurant that is popular for its 8 types of patties beef, chicken, soy, cheese, vegetable, lobster, shrimp and mega (beef and cheese).

The restaurant has a large menu that serves Jamaican dishes as well. Don’t worry about having to seek this restaurant out Juici patty has locations in every Jamaican parish.

2. Ackee and Saltfish

This is a traditional Jamaican breakfast dish. Consisting of codfish and the Ackee fruit it is usually eaten with fried dumplings, festival, green banana and/or bammy. I have the luxury of getting homemade ackee and saltfish when I’m in Jamaica. If you don’t have that luxury I recommend eating at the Pelican restaurant located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This restaurant has some of the best fried dumplings I have ever tasted!

3.  Jerk Pork/Chicken

Specifically from Scotchies. I have had the pleasure of eating at 2 of the locations the Montego Bay and Ocho Rios one (the Ocho Rios location is just outside the parish). The food is prepared on an open fire pit and slow cooked in a metal sheet.  Not only is the food delicious but the atmospehere is beautiful too. If you chose to dine in customers can eat under large grass thatch huts. If you’re feeling adventurous make sure to add scotch bonnet hot sauce to your meal.

4.  Ox Tail

I know it doesn’t sound too appetizing but it is hands down my favorite Jamaican dish. I don’t have a favorite restaurant to eat Ox tail in Jamaica though. If you find yourself in Jamaica and see it on a menu do yourself a favour and order it. Ox tail on a bed of rice and peas and you can thank me later.


5. Curry Goat

Curry goat is my second favorite Jamaican dish. You can get it on a bed of rice and peas or wrapped in a roti. I don’t have a particular restaurant for this dish but if you have the option to try it DO IT! The curry stains so make sure to eat carefully!

Do you have any favorite Jamaican restaurants or dishes?

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  1. Mauva Lindsay says:

    I love Jamaica like crazy! Jamaica is my passion for travel and I love it whether I stay with family or a guesthouse. The people are unique, good or bad, they are just different and clever. I went to Scotchies and the jerk pork was not good to me; the only time I had really good jerk port in Jamaica, was from a man named Gilbert Hall that was selling jerk pork on the way to Port Antonio. My husband does not eat pork, thank God! My driver and I had a freshly baked bread she bought in Kingston and ministered to that jerk pork. I couldn’t find him 3 years later, I called his number and got someone else. If I could find Mr. Hall again I would not lose him again! The pork didn’t need anything but the bread and my long belly! Nice!

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