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The MISSADVENTURES crew were invited to take part in the 2nd Annual Terengganu International Squid Jigging Festival. Now I know what you’re thinking, “What is squid jigging!?” At least that was my reaction when Gaya Travel Magazine and Tourism Terengganu reached out to us in May.

Not knowing anything, I was 100% game! The girls and I had never been to Malaysia and I had no idea what to expect, which made it all that more exciting! When I finally looked into the art of Squid Jigging, I gathered that we would travel to the East Coast Peninsula, meet up with local Malay fisherman who would take us to the best spots in the South China Sea to catch squid the traditional way. While I haven’t done a lot of fishing in my life, I was all for trying something new and different.

When we arrived in Kuala Terrengganu, we were told that we would have two opportunities to try and catch squid. The first trip was off of Redang Island and the second was off the coast of Kuala Terengganu. I was determined to catch one! I had no concept of how I was going to catch the squid, nor did I know if it required a certain technique or skill but I swore I would jig hard… whatever that meant.

We set out with our boat crew and a few other travel staging.missadventures.caggers. At first I thought this would be a fun, no pressure kind of activity but then they blew the horn to let everyone know that squid jigging had begun and automatically it became a competition in my head. I needed to know everything there was to squid jigging if I was going to catch one, so I asked Khai Artzar who was one of the Malaysian staging.missadventures.caggers on our boat how it all worked. What I thought would have been complex, was in fact very simple.

Everyone is given a ring with fishing line wrapped around it. On the end of the line was fake bait. I was told the fluorescent bait would attract the squid to the line. We were then told to release the line by unravelling the wire until the bait hit the bottom of the sea. One you reached the bottom, it was time to jig, which consisted of moving your arm up and down swiftly . You would repeat this action constantly until you caught something. But how would I know if you couldn’t see the bottom of the sea? I was told you would know if you caught a squid simply by the weight of the line being heavier. After constantly jigging for an hour, there were a few instances where I got excited and thought I had caught something. I would start to reel in my line and the boat crew and other staging.missadventures.caggers would all start cheering me until, I pulled out nothing (*womp womp womp)… so I released my line again.


The waters on our first expedition off Redang Island were rough. Luckily the girls and I took Gravol before set set out not knowing if we would fall to sea sickness. Some people on our boat got it bad, while others took naps (*cough Hannah), as they enjoyed the rocking motion. When I wasn’t focusing on the weight of my line, I enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

It was absolutely stunning and all I could think about was how these fisherman on our boat got to see this view everyday. Oh and did I mention how friendly and awesome they were! Though they couldn’t speak English, we could tell by their smiles and laughs that they were excited to see us participate in one of their traditions. They were very enthusiastic about us catching squid that whenever one of them felt that they caught one on their line, they would shout at us to come to their spot and reel in the squid. They called me over a couple of times and I now knew what the weight felt like. For sure I could catch one!

I could continue with this post and tell you more about our squid jigging experience, but instead we’ll show you! Check out MISSADVENTURES goes squid jigging HERE. For more information on squid jigging tours, reach out to Tourism Terengganu:

Tourism Terengganu
Terengganu State Secretary
9th Floor, Wisma Darul Iman
20503 Kuala Terengganu

Tel : +609-623 1957

Email : tourism@terengganu.gov.my


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