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Roadtrip USA: The Breakdown

This year my friends and I decided it would be an amazing idea to attend the music festival Coachella. It was. But this is not the story of three days of music, heat, and lots and lots of… water. Rather, it is the story of how we journeyed from Toronto all the way to Los Angeles. And like all good stories, it started with a bet.

The tickets were purchased and my three friends and I had to figure out how we were getting to Los Angeles. We scowered the internets and looked from one flight deal website to another. They ranged from 700-800 directly from Toronto. That’s when I had my most brilliant idea to date. Why don’t we just drive there? Which was followed by, I bet it would be cheaper. And so the bet began. I kept track of 10 days of driving10,000 km to see if in the end, would it be cheaper than flying?

Flight: 700-800 dollars each return

Road Trip: I feel a little explanation is due here. We set out in hopes of camping our way to LA. The weather on route slapped us right across the face and we ended up staying in motels.

Hotels: From Toronto, through Kentucky, across Tennessee, down into Texas and over New Mexico and Arizona, whenever we got tired, we slept. Generally we sought the Motel 6 of accomodations.

Gas: It got empty, we filled it. But trust me, we spared no road to save on fuel. Up nevada, zig-zagged through Utah and through the beautiful Colorado, all the way back to T.O.

Food: Target, we love you!! We made sure to have a cooler and stocked up on groceries and goodies at our favourite new store. Ok, we also may have occasionally stopped at InNout and sonic, but don’t judge.

Hotels = 493.55

Gas = 1,044.54

Food = 271.81

Total: 1,809.90

So, was I right?

Of course I was. Instead of 4 of us paying each about 700 dollars to fly it only cost us 452 dollars. SCORE. And to top it off we had an amazing time. We laughed, made friends, saw some of the most epic sites (cough UTAH cough). I would beyond a doubt recommend it to anyone travelling across the USA.

One piece of advice. Take a moment before selecting your road trip mates. 80 hours in a car, is a long long time.


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