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REVIEW: The Travel Towel

This is an item that some people hate and some people love and can’t travel without it. While Hannah is one person that hates it, I’m impartial to the item that can be referred to as a rag, useless piece of material or more commonly referred to as the quick dry travel towel. For those that have never used one of these essential items while backpacking, it’s a towel that is made out of soft polyester and nylon microfibre. While I must admit, it does feel like you aren’t drying yourself at all, there are still many benefits to this awkward material:

1) Dries Quickly Within a couple of hours of stepping out of a shower and drying yourself off, the travel towel will be completely dry! You can even soak it in water and it will wring out pretty easily unlike a regular towel.

2) Lightweight This item is less than one pound! If you’re the type to overpack, think about the extra couple of shirts you can pack instead of a regular towel! Also your back will thank you after carrying your life in a backpack for weeks or months!

3) Reduces Odour – The material reduces the amount of odour it retains. But this doesn’t mean don’t ever wash your travel towel. It will smell eventually, especially if you use it in the shower and then use it to dry off sweat from a hike.

4) Saves Space – There are different travel towels you can get. The one I have comes rolled up in a small pouch like the image above. This is great because if you are like me and often collect a bunch of souvenirs while travelling, you can take your travel towel out and hang it off of your backpack with a metal biner.

5) Absorbs More Water – Travel towels can absorb twice it’s weight in water! What does that mean? It means that it actually dries you better than a regular cotton towel!

As you have just read there are more benefits to a travel towel that outweigh the awkward feeling when you are drying yourself with it. Don’t bring that bulky towel from home and instead invest in one of these quick drying travel towels! The cost for one of these range in price depending on the size, but it can go anywhere from $18.00 CDN – $30.00 CDN. Shop around but I don’t think you’ll regret spending the extra money for this item because when it comes to travelling especially going from hostel to hostel, you want convenience!



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