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REVIEW: Black Diamond Headlamp

I would like to tell you a story about one of the best things I have ever purchased for my travels.

It’s simple, it’s inexpensive and it saved my life a bunch of times (and by saving my life, I mean preventing me from stepping directly on a disgusting beetle). It’s a lovely contraption called… wait for it… a HEADLAMP!!

I know it’s pretty standard practise to bring a flashlight whilst budget traveling. You are staying in hostels, sleeping on trains, and generally spending lots of time in poorly lit areas. Also there is that whole in-case-of-an-emergency power outage thingy. The old me used to carry around one of those, until the day someone introduced me to this.

I can understand your desperate need to look as cool as I do in this picture. I purchased this bad boy at Mountain Equipment Co-Op:

The following are places that a headlamp was needed to do a job a regular flashlight could not: 

1. Packing and unpacking in basically every shared dorm I have ever stayed in. Imagine how much quicker and easier you could organize your belongings with both hands free?

2. Using it as a strobe light in clubs. Most headlamps come with at least three settings. The best being the flicker setting, making it a party wherever you are.

3. Spending a night in the desert? I did. In Morocco and without my headlamp I wouldn’t have been able to see the sandy area known as the washroom, or run fast enough away from the bugs.

4. Did I mention you can see everything? The bulb is brighter then a lot of travel sized flashlights.

5. Girls, it’s perfect for doing your makeup in really low lit areas.

If I have not convinced you enough, just think about how incredible sauve you can look as you travel with this gizmo on your head. Think about it.


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