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Packing Like A Boss: Tips For All-Weather Essentials

Are you choosing the wrong coats for cold weather? Unhappy with your scarf situation? Poor shoe choice letting you down over and over again? I’ve been there friends, and I can help. Packing is my life. And I don’t mean that in a depressed I have nothing else to do but pack a suitcase to go no where. I mean I literally have to get together a bag almost twice a week. From Hong Kong to Venezuela, I have become a self proclaimed pro on all matters related to clothing for travel. Below are some of my wisdoms. Be prepared for it to change your life. Be very very…prepared.

Today’s specialty is packing when you are not sure what the weather will be like in your destination. Or packing when traveling long term, in multi seasoned places. These are some items I will always have with me, and have saved me on many occasions.

1. Scarf: Perfect to be used in the cold weather, or if chance may have and it gets so hot you can swim, pair it with a bathing suit and wear as a sarong. (I know genius right?).

2. Blazer: Can be worn casually or dress up jeans. Or even worn over a dress.

3. Tights: With a dress, or under pants if you end up in Moscow (anytime of the year).

4. Dark Jeans: Easy wear in the daytime, dark denim is also perfect to dress up at night.

5. Dress: Ideally plain black that can be worn daytime with tights or at night alone.

6. Bathing Suit: This is my personal favourite. You never know when and where you might want to have a dip.

7. Belt: I have a studded Carrie Bradshaw belt that I take everywhere with me. Takes up no space, but adds funk to every outfit.

8. Flip Flops: Needed for the beach, or the sketch hostel shower.

9. Jewellery, Jewellery, Jewellery: Lots and lots of it. Your entire outfit can change by adding spices of colour and style with jewellery that takes up minimal space in your bag.

10. Shorts: The obvious choice of wearing them alone in the heat, but my personal favourite is on top of tights in the chilly weather.

11. Leather Boots: BLACK!! Knee high and flat. Great for walking and staying warm. The girls and I wear ours so often we have been called the “black boot bandits”.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are some of my essentials. What are yours? Anything to add to this suitcase before it heads out into the unpredictable weather situation!

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