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Coachella: Camping vs. Villas

In case you weren’t aware, the 2014 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival just finished this past weekend. Who am I kidding, of course everyone is aware of this festival. It’s one of the largest music festival and the coverage is huge! From festival fashion to celebrity sightings, it is an event that everyone talks about!  This year I went to  Weekend 1 and it was incredible! I also went to Coachella last year with the MISSADVENTURES crew and a few other friends, but it was a totally different experience. Last year the girls and I camped and we met some really fun Americans that took us in by feeding us, letting us their solar shower and lending us some of the essential tools for camping which we didn’t have. This year, I stayed 20 minutes outside of the festival grounds in a Villa with friends where I partied at the pool each day and shuttled to the festival. What did I prefer, well there’s definitely pros and cons to both. Check out my list below:

Camping Experience:


  1. Close to the festival grounds
  2. Cheap
  3. Fun camping community
  4. Allows for naps – Head back to camp after catching a show
  5. Bring your own alcohol and drink on the campgrounds
  6. Leave the sweater behind – Head back to camp in the evening to grab a sweater instead of carrying one during the day


  1. Desert weather – Hot during the day and freezing at night
  2. Long shower lines
  3. Smelly portable toilets all weekend
  4. Walk is far to get ice for the coolers
  5. Wake up super early from the intense heat in your tent
  6. Feel dirty all the time

Villa Experience:


  1. Travelling light – Carry on with clothes and bathing suit
  2. Pool parties during the day
  3. Air condition
  4. Feeling clean – Shower whenever you want!
  5. Fridge and stove – Cook and eat anything!
  6. Sleeping in a bed
  7. Better conditions when suffering a hangover


  1. Taking the shuttles – Can be long lines
  2. Walk home from the shuttle location
  3. More expensive

While both experiences were fun in their own ways, I have to say I’m more inclined to stay in a Villa again than camp. Last year I got sick from the extreme weather and didn’t feel like partying. Maybe I was unprepared, which is probably the case! But I can only compare how I felt last year to this year and I can honestly say I got the true Coachella party experience. I felt great during the day and lasted all night!  Either way, no matter what sleeping arrangements anyone decides to do, it’s going to be a fun experience because Coachella is an amazing music festival that’s well organized and I highly recommend you experience it if you haven’t already!

Thanks Coachella for an amazing weekend! I miss you already and can’t wait for next year!








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