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We’re four friends from Toronto, Canada who travel, backpack, and explore the world together on a budget.

We don’t pack up and leave for months or years. We want to make travelling accessible and doable for females our age who have full-time jobs and limited budgets. We want to urge them to skip the all-inclusive beach vacation and jet set to more exotic places. We do it with humour and style, while providing valuable tips along the way.

We’ve been to over 30 countries and we still find ourselves in situations any newbie traveler would encounter. We want everyone to see the stuff that happens between the sights and excitement – getting lost, not understanding the native language, a horrible hostel experience, getting robbed – you know, the unexpected missadventures.

While travelling, we document our experiences through videos, photos, our blog, podcast, and social media! Follow us for frequent updates and travel inspiration.



The Squad

Ellie GeronikolosShe is tall enough to reach things, but not tall enough to annoy people at concerts. Don’t worry she finds other ways. We would call her the idealistic positive person in the group. It is almost impossible to rain on her parade. Her idealistic ways often lead to our adventures because of her determination to make them successful. Ellie enjoys shopping, leisure reading, and short walks on the beach.
Hannah McLeanShe’s the dry, sarcastic one. Often seen as negative, she attributes her attitude to “being realistic”. She is down for any adventure especially when it involves food. Before any trip Hannah can be found scouring the internet to find the best restaurants because there’s nothing worse than food regret. She possesses crazy facial awareness, which she thinks is a skill not recognized enough in today’s day and age. Hannah enjoys music, reading, and DIY. Her favourite city is London.
Stephanie ChongSteph is a 9-5’er working as an Account Manager in Toronto, Canada. She’s an adventure junkie that never lets her job prevent her from going to exotic places and doing high-adrenaline activities. Some of her memorable adventures include surfing in Hawaii, skydiving & bungee jumping in New Zealand, zip lining in Costa Rica, and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to name a few… Steph also enjoys sports and going to different events. She’s been to the 2012 London Summer Olympics and 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. When she’s not travelling, you can find her cheering for her home teams: The Toronto Maple Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays.
Kathleen EspirituKat is the resident videographer/editor/all-around media expert for MISSADVENTURES. Her first experience backpacking was in New Zealand during a university exchange program and has since been to every continent (well, except Antarctica). She’s gone scuba diving with sharks in the Philippines, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, fell asleep under a bridge in Paris, amongst other random things. On her downtime, you’ll find her smothering maple syrup on her food while reading Harry Potter.


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