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Travel Bug Symptoms: Do You Have It?


It is an extremely contagious disease. You can get it from a person, place or thing and there is no cure. It affects people of all ages but it is better to catch it when you are young.

Have you figured out my cheesy riddle?

It’s the TRAVEL BUG, ladies and gentlemen. I have a complied a list of symptoms to help you determine if you have the travel bug.

Every time you buy something expensive you compare it to a plane ticket price. Ex: If I buy this $350 snowboard that is like half of a sale airplane ticket to London.

Every time you’re in a department store you find yourself in the luggage section.

When you tell your parents you have something to tell them. They reply, “Where are you going this time?”

You often crave to do things that are not available in your geographical location. I.E. “Hey what do you want to do tonight? I want to grab a bottle of wine and sit at a historical monument with a view of the entire city” – the problem is you live in suburbia.

You read travel books when you don’t have a trip planned.

You save your ‘sick’ days just in case you go on an impromptu vacation.

When you read a travel quote you have to stop yourself from shouting that’s exactly what I was thinking!

When people ask what’s on your bucket list you show them a world map.

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