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Top 5 Airports Around The World

Let me preface this list by saying, I spend a lot of time in airports. It is almost equal to the amount of time I spend at home. Now don’t feel sorry for me yet, airports can be a ton of fun. The excitement of going to a new place, trying new foods, meeting complete strangers for a short time.

The following airports are ranked by myself, according to the things that I find important. First off, food. I cannot stand an airport that has a small selection and it SUCKS. Secondly, comfortable chairs. There is nothing worse then spending a night with an armrest digging into your stomach. Third, accessibility. How easy is it to get around these airports. I have a knack for getting lost, so I value big signs and friendly staff. And last but not least, cute guys. If I am going to be stuck in an enclosed environment for 12 hours, I need some eye candy.

Now the moment you have all been waiting for… drumroll please:

Numero 5: Heathrow International Airport

This airport makes the list on its shopping alone. It’s not the prettiest looking around, but man is there a lot of selection. Whether it’s a last minute gift for the forgotten friend from Harrods, or something yummy from their wide variety of restaurants. There are also tons of nooks to sleep in. I spent 2 full nights at that airport and can live to tell the tale. Lastly, being such a huge hub for thousands of flights, there are tons of people-watching to be had.

Numero 4: Beijing Capital International Airport

Everything is just so efficient here. There are employees everywhere if you need them, and there is no waiting around. I got my bags in record time, and I never had even the slightest fear that they wouldn’t make it to my connecting flight. The seats are super comfortable, there is plenty to eat, and even more things to do if you have ADD like myself and want to play.

Numero 3: Hong Kong International Airport

The first time I went through, I got so lost. Ok, who am I kidding I got lost the second and third times too. I did find my way, and it was all thanks to AMAZING signage. Once I stopped daydreaming I found my way around no problem. It looks like an airport out of the future, so prepare to imagine yourself in all kinds of movie scenarios. When you’re done you can spend hours pretending to buy stuff at Chanel, and then actually buying food at one of the many restaurants. Oh, and when you’re done that, eye candy galore as it is one of the biggest hubs in the world!

Numero 2: Amsterdam Schiphol

What more could you want from an airport? Feel like taking a nap? Go to the sleeping area. Sensing a need to get your culture on? Have a browse through the museum. Feeling stressed from a delayed flight? No problem, take a break in the meditation room. It’s like they thought of everything. I was stuck in this airport for 12 hours and it went by in what felt like 12 minutes. There were tons to look at and a great variety of food. I would totally Tom Hanks in The Terminal here anytime.

Numero 1: Vancouver International Airport

I don’t know why I love this place so much. Maybe its because I am Canadian, or maybe its just the greatest airport in the world. Something about it just feels like you’re at home. It might be the carpeted floors or the smell of maple syrup, but whatever it is, I love having layovers here. The chairs are so comfortable, and very conducive to great nap taking. The people are friendly, and there is a great selection of food. To this day, the sushi I had there cannot be beat!

*Dishonorable mention goes to LaGuardia for being the worst airport and continually annoying me day after day*

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  1. Stephen S. says:

    Airports have such a buzz! So many people going to so many places, always get me excited for my trip. I like Heathrow a lot, but I get randomly suearched everytime lol.

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