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There’s Something About London

There’s New York City, Paris, Rome and then there’s London. A place that I fell in love with before I even visited the city. I know it doesn’t make sense but I’ve always had this fantasy about London. There’s so much history, culture and there is Prince Harry!

The first time I went to London, I was 16 years-old and it was my first trip leaving the continent. I went on a two week trip with my best friend where we spent one week in Paris and finished our last week in London. It was love at first sight! I knew that one-day I would live in London… It has yet to happen but I have gone back twice since my first trip.

London is the one place in the World that I will go back again and again and AGAIN! You would think after going three times, you’d move on but it’s seems to be my go to place whenever I feel like I need a vacation. Figures I would choose one of the more expensive cities to visit more than once! But for those that have visited London, I’m sure you would agree that these small things make the city:

1) Drinking at pub after work no matter what day of the week it is. They are often packed with people who are there just to grab a drink with friends and co-workers before making the commute home.

2) The Tube! Its not confusing and you can walk to the next station because they’re that close to one and another.

3) Seeing Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London Eye while walking through the busy streets.

4) Going for tea with friends and stuffing your face with scones and clotted butter! Yum!

5) The Royal Family… Actually it’s all about Prince Harry!

6) Shopping! Who doesn’t like Primark!?

7) Red telephone booths and double decker buses – It’s exciting!

8) Spice Girls where girl power was invented.

9) The people – I’ve met and know some pretty hilarious and awesome people there!

10) The accent! Everything they say sounds that much better! Even terms they use like “loo” sounds nice instead of washroom.

This list could go on forever! Will I book another trip to London?! Most definitely! To those that have never been, my list may not excite you enough to go… But trust me, it’s a place that you want to visit! I’m not the only person that has said there’s something about London.



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