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REVIEW: GoCar Tours

We had been in Barcelona for 3 days and we hadn’t seen anything! With 2 days left, we were determined to see everything we wanted to see from our itinerary. I mentioned to Ellie and Hannah that I came across a pamphlet at our hostel that was about renting a go car for the day. It had a built in GPS, which would tell you directions on how to go to the different sightseeing places. I thought it was a great way to see all the different places across Barcelona without wasting time trying to get there by public transportation. Ellie was on board with me but Hannah was hesitant.

When we arrived to the GoCar Tours location we found out more info on the vehicles. We found out that while it gives you directions on how to get to your destination, it also gives you a brief history about what you are looking at or driving by. It’s a great little tour guide that also cracks jokes. The best part about the GoCars is the fact that you can pull over at any side street parking spots without paying because it was classified as a motorcycle. After a 10-minute conversation with one of the employees and less than 10-minute video on street laws of Barcelona, we were apparently ready to drive.

After splitting up with Ellie within the first 2 minutes of starting our tour Hannah and I got lost for a while. We couldn’t figure our way back to the GoCar place because it kept trying to get us back on the tour. There really needed to be a home button to reset the GPS and give you directions on how to return to the base.

Overall aside from us losing each other within the first 2 minutes of leaving the GoCar location, I think the GoCar Tours is a great concept! I can’t speak for Hannah or Ellie but I had a lot of fun and well…  It was a funny story to tell.

TIP: If you have big hair like Hannah, you may struggle to find a helmet that will stay on.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our GoCar Tours experience here:


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