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Morocco: More Magical Than Disneyland!

Looking for somewhere new and exciting to go? A place where the scenery is magical and the food is scrumptious? And no I am not talking about Disneyland, it’s MOROCCO!

Last September, the ladies and I went on a trip to Barcelona. If you know anything about us, you know it wasn’t our most pleasant experience (that whole losing all our belongings on the beach fiasco). We wanted to step into a new environment, where we would feel like we were truly nomads. With one quick and easy internet search, Hannah found a flight with Ryanair (http://www.ryanair.com/en) for $40 (CAN) to a place none of us had been: Marrakesh.

Lacking time to mull over a decision, we booked it, and a day later we were crossing from Spain to a new continent. We had no plan, very little knowledge of the land, but like always a thirst to be adventurous. And yes I did just say “thirst to be adventurous”, and frankly I meant it in the cheesiest way possible.

It is no surprise that we travel with very little planning, and that we always encourage people to follow in our foot steps. This is just another example. The excitement and nervousness you feel when you set off into something unknown, it is almost indescribable. That’s why stepping off the airplane and officially entering Morocco all of our senses were heightened, and we were ready to enjoy getting lost.

So, let me stop blabbering and get to the good stuff. What the heck did we do in Morocco?

First stop, shelter. We found an amazing riad in the old city called Riad Slawi. (http://www.riadslawi.com)

Then we got lost, and I shopped until I dropped in the market Jemaa el Fnaa.

We stopped to eat at all the local vendors and literally salivated at all the delicious cuisine. Especially tangine.

How could we be so close to the Sahara and not do a desert tour? We had our own private bus and drove 2 days straight over the Atlas Mountains and into one beautiful site after another. (http://www.deserttoursmorocco.com/)

Let me sum it up here. Morocco is aesthetically beautiful, full of friendly people, and amazing food. The culture is interesting and exciting and will keep you asking question after question. If I haven’t convinced you enough yet, check out our video!

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4 Responses to Morocco: More Magical Than Disneyland!

  1. Stephen S. says:

    Awesome, I am going to Morocco in August. I can’t wait! I am a new blogger and I noticed we are in the same niche (Misadventures). I just wanted to say I your blog is great and keep up the amazing work.

  2. Andy says:

    Ellie, that is really cool that you all got to check out Morocco. I was there not too long ago and I remember vividly some of my memories by your pictures. Ait bin Haddou, in the second one for sure.

    By the way, sorry about the belongings in Barcelona, that happens all the time. I saw so many people get robbed when I was there.

  3. Tina says:

    Post more photo please.. Plan to go there this coming March… Thanks…

  4. hakim says:

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