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I Won’t Be Home for Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve and tomorrow is the one day of the year where many restaurants, attractions and stores shut down. The city becomes a ghost town and it’s probably the one day of the year that you actually want to be at home with family instead of spending time  in a foreign city alone… For those of you in this situation, I say LIVE IT UP! Yes you can pout and stay in your hostel and imagine opening present, roasting chestnuts on an open fire and eating turkey dinner with family but just take a moment and remember that you are travelling the World!

Now I’m not here to make you feel guilty but to help you get out of this mood. Here is my recommendation on what you can do while your away on Christmas Day:

1) Spend the time with friends or other travelers – If you’re staying in a hostel, than you are far from being alone. Meet up with other travelers and cook a nice dinner together.

2) Enjoy the city – Walk the city and take photos of the Christmas decorations. Enjoy the time to walk in the middle of the road and not battle through the everyday crowds. Also depending on where you are, there may be some churches that have Christmas Day services, which would be cool to check out!

3) Treat yourself – If you’ve been travelling for awhile and feeling a bit homesick on this holiday, go book yourself a nice room at a hotel and enjoy it! Order room service, take a nice bath and just relax.

4) Do something good – Find out if there is a place you can volunteer . Nothing feels better than spreading the love and holiday cheer with others.

5) Call home – Now this may be torture to some, but it’ also might make you feel better to speak and maybe even see family via Skype. That way you don’t feel like you missed out on Christmas with your family.

Now go! Get excited about being in another city and see how they celebrate Christmas. Remember it’s just one day.

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