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Eclipse Bar at the W Hotel Barcelona

I’d heard of the W hotel franchise and was informed by a friend that I had to go to the Eclipse club located on the 26th floor of the hotel. Even though we were staying at a hostel I made sure that going to Eclipse was something we had to do in Barcelona. On our second night in Barcelona we grabbed our best non hostel looking clothes and headed over to eclipse not exactly sure what to expect. Upon arrival I could see a lady with an ipad confirming guest list and escorting you up in a private elevator to the club. For a group of women who normally stay at hostels this was a huge deal to us. We rode up the elevator and as soon as the doors opened it smelt like fruit heaven (and this is coming from someone who isn’t a fruit fan).

Staff: Honestly Eclipse hands down has the best bartender’s I have ever come across on my travels/life. They’re drink specialists when they make your drink you feel like it is the most important drink in the room. It is made with such care and fun that by your second drink you trust the bartender to make you surprise drinks all night long. Any fruity drink you order is made with fresh fruit right in front of you. Kiwi slice on the rim of my glass yes please! The drinks were pricy but worth every cent. Even if out drink totals cost more than our hostel accommodations.

Location: The club is located on the 26th floor of the W hotel and is all glass windows. This gives you a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and shoreline.

Atmosphere: The club had quite a mixed crowd age and nationality wise from hotel guests, to locals to people of all ages. With the club being in one of the prestigious hotel chains in the world we did expect a level of pretentious but there was none. Each staff member we met was amazing to us and everyone there just wanted to have an amazing night.

We give Eclipse club 5 out of 5 luggage tags. Amazing bartenders, panoramic view and bumping into Michael Fassbender! We would recommend this club to any person who plans on visiting Barcelona.


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