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Canadian Fairy Godmother

Alone at last…..naturally.

I’ve been  in Huancayo, Peru now for a week. Quit my day job and headed here for a 5 week volunteer program. It is the first time I have been all alone travellng. It feels amazing to be in total control of what I want to do and when I want to do it. Life isn’t perfect though and traveling alone in a developing country, especially as a woman, can be extremely difficult and dangerous. Especially in a country where you’re not fluent in the language they speak.

There are younger volunteers here who are my age, but most people came in groups and seem to want to keep the group as is. As well as being on my own I am the only Canadian volunteer amongst a sea of red, white and blue volunteers. Though we have similarities I have never missed my countrymen more. I’ve traveled a lot and one of my favorite parts had always been meeting other travelers from around the world and creating quick friendships as you travel this new terrain together. Whether its crashing an American bachelor party in Whistler, discovering Argentinian bars with two of the nicest Danish girls or discussing Craig David’s discography with two Englishmen in Jamaica. These travel friendships that have been one of the best parts of traveling just isn’t happening here for me. I had come to the conclusion that it may not until I met my Canadian fairy godmother.

Whilst chatting to a friend from Toronto on BBM (Blackberry Messenger) who was trying to help me find the safest route to travel alone from  Lima to Cuzco we came across a staging.missadventures.cag. This staging.missadventures.cag was called WHAT LITTLE THINGS we realized this staging.missadventures.cag was written not only by a Canadian staging.missadventures.cagger but they were also living in Huancayo, Peru. This discovery honestly made  my entire day. Within seconds I was emailing Samantha the staging.missadventures.cagger to meet up and discuss travel, Peru and Canadianess. Samantha has been a godsend. She has provided me with much needed advice on  Huancayo and Peru in general as well being extremely helpful as I voiced my singular travel anxiety.  She had travelled alone to Japan and assured me that what I was feeling was completely normal and that it would get  better. She also lent me a Peruvian phone to use while I am here.

Now in my second week here I am easing out of my anxiety and starting to appreciate my  surroundings. All thanks to my Canadian fairy godmother!


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  1. Aww! You are too amazing, Hannah! It was so great to meet you and it was such a pleasure to make turn your time in Huancayo around. =) Take good care!

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